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Namaste !!

Life is a wonderful journey of self discovery and there are many guideposts to help us in this process and the intent of my website is to offer some guiding tools in this process. One of the tools is Symbols which are directly channelled from many Light Beings and can support in one's awakening process and self discovery. Some of the other tools which are presented are sacred geometry, channelled writings, materials on DNA, understanding and activating the Mahakundalni which is the next step in the human evolution (after the Kundalini) and how one can activate the healing energies with in themselves.

There are also videos on topics like How to use Sound as a transformational tool, on Mahakundalni, Sacred Chanting and others. Beautiful channelled poems from Master Rumi is also presented along with the information on the workshops I conduct, the spiritual journeys I go to with people, and creating individual Soul Symbols and others.

May your self discovery be filled with joy, love and excitement in your heart.

Rae Chandran

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Rae Chandran, has been on the path of Self Discovery for over three decades and through the experiences and insights he gained in his own self discovery