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Mahakundalini is relatively a new term and few have heard of it. With the changing of the planet’s consciousness, newer and higher understanding of Creation and Self Awareness is being brought forth. The old understanding of awakening Kundalini up to the 7th chakra is now becoming obsolete and to grow in this ever changing and evolving planet and to fully step into the fifth dimensional consciousness, one must adapt to the newer concepts and ideas of God/Creator so that one can be in harmony and to be in the flow of life gently and easily.

Mahakundalini is the next step in awakening to our Quantum Self. We must shift our perception and truth from an earth perceptive to a Universal perspective. We exist in many realities and dimensions and it is only natural that we embrace all our aspects though out all time lines and dimensions – from gathering the essences of us from the Earth plane, Galactic plane, Solar plane, Universal plane and the Multi Universal plane. Since we are evolving continuously, it is imperative that we grow and adapt to these new truths for an Evolving Mind requires Evolving Truth. Truth is never static. It evolves and is evolving continuously.

The activation of Mahakundalini energies with in oneself supports in the smooth awakening of one’s chakras. This activation is done through a special way of breathing and this breathing affects the elements in the body of which we are made of. It also affects our mental, emotional, etheric, causal and spiritual bodies in which we have sacred geometries and musical frequencies. The activation of Mahakundalini is done in stages – layer 1 to five using special breathing techniques and the next two layers – six and seven using breath and sound frequencies. The more we able to connect with the elements and balance the elements in the body, the smoother the awakening and integration.

Each layer of Mahakundalini is related to certain elements and the first layer is connected to the Earth element, the second layer is connected to Water element within us, the third layer to Fire element, the fourth layer to the Wind element, the fifth layer to the Ether. All the layers are important to be awakened, but particularly the third layer of Fire element as we have chakras embedded in our casual body and it contains many of our Soul memories and imprints and also has karmic energy embedded into that and when this is fully activated and integrated, one will feel an immediate surge in energy field, become robust and will feel more alive and will feel more vibrant in life.

After the first five layers are activated, one is guided to work on the 6th and 7th layer by themselves by using breath as a means and also using sound as a tone.

The activation of the layers from the 8th to the 12th varies and is largely dependent on the initiates who has a focus on activating these higher layers by using higher forms of breathing and using the energies of the Moon to integrate these higher layers.

One fully integrates all the 12 layers of Mahakundalini, one breaks free from the wheel of Re-incarnation and fully moves into the field of Service to oneself and Humanity. When this is achieved, then one’s spiritual evolution happens through Service.

I invite you all to this magical experience of discovering the Full Essence of who you are.

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