Healing Sounds by Nueme

All the sounds presented here has been channelled by Nueme from Goddess Hathor (Goddess of Sound & Music), Goddess Isis and the Divine Mother. These sounds are offered as free downloads for personal use only. The sounds are divided into few categories and listening to it repeatedly for some time can bring about the desired result. For certain sounds, (for weigh loss), it is better to listen to it just before you go to bed and play it for some time before you fall asleep as the frequencies will impregnate your subconscious mind and the results will be much faster. The same for Money. It is suggested that you work with one or two tones for a period of time and then go to the next one as it takes about 21 days change the energy field or to imprint your auric filed with a new energy. These sounds are offered in Love and we hope that it brings you the desired results you seek. Namaste and Blessings Nueme