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About Rae Chandran

The main focus of Rae’s work at the present moment is with Ascension and how one can attain Ascension with in three to five years. In this regard, he teaches new and secret knowledge and wisdom which is all channeled and which if applied and worked, on can help one attain Ascension in a short span of time.

There are new and faster tools for evolution and one of them is Galactic Shaktipat and Rae channeled these understandings from Archangels and other Masters and along with this, the activation of Mahakundalini and the activation of the Quantum DNA using sound frequencies. One of the main focus of Rae’s work is in one experiencing the energies with in the physical body and only when the changes are made in the body, true change can occur in the mind and in the emotional body and all the workshops are designed to bring about this understanding – that body is the holder of the Soul and all changes must occur in the body before it can become a part of our reality and our auric filed.

Rae’s work is being practiced in many countries and there are many trained qualified teachers around the world who is practicing giving Shaktipat energies to their students. Rae is the author of 11 books and his writings have been published in many internet platforms around the world.

Rae was also a featured speaker at the United Nations in New York in May of 2015. Rae has also been interviewed in radio shows in US, Taiwan, Malaysia and India.

Rae Chandran also channels symbols for healing and transformation and has channeled over 400 symbols. He also channels and brings forth Sacred Geometry for creating balance in many areas of one’s life. In addition to this, the other work Rae does is called Bio Geometry, and this encompasses drawing sacred geometry on the skin using certain essential oils to bring about change in healing the body.

Rae is based in Japan and Bali.

A Brief note on my own activation and integration of Mahakundalini energy.

I have had my full integration of Mahakundalini on August 5, 2016. (the first Kundalini awakening happened in Bali on August 14, 2014, in Bali, followed by the 7th layer integration on October 14, 2016 in Egypt and the 12th layer integration on August 11, 2017 in which I saw myself as half female and half male and I felt the joining of the two with in me – the female and the male)

Because of my integration of this energy, I teach from an experiential level.